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We have begun to make wallpapers! They are simple wallpapers, but wallpapers nethertheless! If you would like have one made, email us at Check out our current ones in our gallery!

Also, check out our latest interview, with physique competitor, armwrestler, and all-around strong girl Christy Resendes!


FitGems Nation is an interactive social network for the female physique industry. Competitors, fans and industry experts can interact with each other through our website, blog, and various social media links. 

In addition to this website, check us out on our blog at We're also on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Vimeo! We also have a podcast called FitVoice, where you can hear from the Founder of FitGems himself on various topics on the industry (we plan on bringing it back soon). 

If you have any questions about anything regarding our site or about how you can be part of it, email us at or use the Contact Us section on the website. 

Thank you for checking out FitGems Nation, "Where Female Muscle Shines"! 

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